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Water gardening has become an increasingly new trend toward the inclusion of ponds as part of a garden makeover.

More gardeners are embracing ponds as a way of capturing more of a complete environment giving them a broader range of endemic pleasing plants and realising the calm and serene atmosphere which can be enjoyed everyday in their own backyards.
A water garden can provide a place to retreat and unwind from the outside world. With the trickling of a water fall, the frogs croaking, fish swimming around or even just the stillness of the water alone can provide a place of tranquillity and relaxation.
With today’s housing that only have small backyards, the upside of a water garden is that they don’t require much room and require very little maintenance and surprisingly don’t use much water once the pond is established.

Living in the tropics and sub-tropical climate, gives us the advantage of growing tropical plants, They give the garden a dramatic form and vibrant colour and imaginative planting without the dictating rules of design.

Some gardeners can tell you that these plants are unable to be grown in temperate climates. Even with a cool climate garden, with parts of the garden shelterd and warm, there is a way to grow such plants. Just ask us which of the varieties of Tropical Plants can be grown in the coolest of climates.

If you have become infatuated with tropical plants and wish to form your exotic tropical garden oasis within the climatic zone wherever you reside, speak to us about the possibilities available to you. New discoveries have opened the door for brand new options when growing the garden of your dreams.

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